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Huge lead.

He ran you down no problem.

Like how video stops right when he is putting some car lengths on you. Good editing.

Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
I can't believe why you guys are having such a hard time figuring out why the 335i got a several car length jump.

It's quite easy to see and hear.

1. 335i clearly nails the throttle before the M5 (335i driver jumped the cones a bit and the M5 driver was a touch late).

2. and more importantly you can plainly hear the M5 is in the wrong gear to start. His engine was bogging at the start, just lofting along.
He needed to be one gear lower to start.

Had he been one gear lower and the start was the same, the 335i might of gotten a tiny (1-2 CL) jump due to it's torque, but it would of been game over much sooner.

All in all, good going though. Someone now needs to go teach the M5 driver to start in the proper gear. (btw, did the 335i have a passenger too?)

Also to the OP that M5 is not heavily modded. Come race some the M5's in Socal, you will get your ass handed to you.