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front turbo leaking oil.....advice ? ok to drive ?

So... i was down there fixing a leak with the DP gasket and noticed that my front turbo was leaking oil...

I know a little oil leaked goes a long way in terms of spreading out, looking messy..etc... There really wasn't too much down there... but certainly at least a tablespoon or two has leaked out...

The most covered part of the turbo itself is that little clamp looking thing just behind what looks like the oil ports...etc.. I have no idea how these are built inside... seals..etc... but that clamp has a black coating on it now where the oil has cooked on, and a slightly damp coat of oil/grime over it... then below there... spreading out a few inches in each direction, everything was a bit dirty...

Any ideas as to if i should expect any catastrophic failures based on it leaking there, or should i be ok if i just keep an eye on it.. monitor the oil...etc..

still pulls plenty strong with NO excessive turbo noise..etc... kinda wondering might it be a leak somehow on one of the fittings for the oil running through it...or is the turbo itself somehow two pieces held together with that clamp thing... leaking out there... etc.. I don't know... never had one leak oil on the outside before... (owned lots of turbo cars in the past)

advice ?