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Originally Posted by hotrod2448 View Post
I'd get it fixed ASAP. Not knowing how long it's been leaking you don't know if it's just a little bit weeping out of or it's just started and is a severe leak. Either way scorching hot exhaust manifolds and oil are not a good combo.

I'm assuming you are talking about the V-band clamp that holds the cartridge onto the hot side.
yea... i guess that's what it is... ..

and yea... that exactly.. that clamp is where it looks like is coming from... or one of the oil line connections right next to it...

odds are that it's coming from inside ?? leaking past the clamp ??

The only part of the turbo the oil is hitting is the clamp itself... then looks like maybe a small drip or mist/spray that seems to fall/be blown down and back...

good point about that whole fire thing though....

although the manifold and the rest of the turbo housing is clean... even the rest of the hot side of the housing...

i cleaned a lot of it up... as best i could with a rag... driven it just a little bit since then.. will crawl under there and take a look again...see how bad it looks... (really don't want to deal with swapping DPs, intercooler..etc.. though.. AND STILL have to deal with the dealer on top of all of that)

anyone have any idea what part of it might have issues... or is it likely just a turbo replacement in order...

if so... what's it like to change the front turbo ??? (i've done the DP.. not fun.. but not hard by any means... seems like it might not be too bad to get the turbo/manifold off ??? but now sure how i'd get it out of there and a new one in.. ... seems like there is some stuff in the way...