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Switching from JB+ to JB3..

Well I just got my JB+ a few days ago and I set it to max and did the solenoid bypass right away and I really felt the power difference. It will break the tires loose all the way through 1st gear, and jump out sideways spinning the tires into 2nd gear..but I still have stock 225's so that is somewhat expected. Fourth gear pulls very hard all the way up until 130mph when the STUPID damn no good limiter kicks in!!!! But it's just a tease when the JB3 is out there and there is more power to gain. My main reason for buying the JB+ was because it is very easy to install/un-install before going to the dealer for service. But the JB3 PnP doesnt look like it would take much longer and for the amount of power I will gain I think 20 min of my time is worth it.. So JB3 it is!

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