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Originally Posted by onesuperboi View Post
I'm not trying to discuss the pros/cons of pigggy vs flashes, just the reason these tuners aren't offering them.
Boils down to Money....To my knowledge neither Shiv nor Terry have the experience, or infrastructure of companies like GIAC and Dinan. Both the juicebox and procedes are selling relatively well and I am not saying the they couldn't, but switching over now could be more costly than it's worth to them.

I think also it comes down to dealer invisibility. Since the N54 is relatively new, most people would like to preserve their warranties.

All eithics aside, I would guess most people would go with a Piggyback tuning solution VS a flashed solution UNLESS someone came out with a home flashing solution or had easy access to a tuner that could flash back to stock on demand. The fact that even dealers have issues with flashing the ECU from time to time, a home flashing solution seems out of the question in regards to a relatively affordable solution.