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Originally Posted by cyphr View Post
I had Suntek on my g35, it's pretty good stuff. Slight brownish hue to it though.
I noticed it, too... the brownish hue is visible when it's very bright outside, and it looks really ugly. In general, I don't like it.

It's been almost a month since the tint was installed at Solar Solutions, and it still sucks. The rear tint over the matrix dots looks horrible. Some parts stuck to the dots, and some didn't, so now it looks like spotty all over the top of the windshield (almost like a leopard).

I called Danielle at Solar Solutions this morning, and she tried giving me the run-around. She said they "don't ever re-do rear tint because of the matrix dots." What BS... They promise full satisfaction, then go back on that promise. I had to put my foot down JUST to get an appt for them to "look at it and see what can be done." I mean, I wouldn't mind if the tint either all STUCK to the matrix dots, or all DIDN'T STICK, but the patching is just hideous.

Overall, I'm very unhappy with Solar Solutions. If they can't fix this next monday (the 13th), then I'm going to dispute the charges with my credit card and go somewhere else.