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Originally Posted by Former_Boosted_IS View Post
All you do is bash everyone that cares about power. I understand where you come from and what you opinion is going to be. Some of us do care about more power and we do have that right. There is no need for the "MOST POWA" comment.

Yeah, and all the piggy lovers do is bash about flashes not hitting 450whp. The proof is in this thread and any other thread mentioning flashes.

It goes both ways.

Ok, so let me set all biases(sp) aside and ask you an honest question.

Do you think everyone cares about getting the MOST power out of their car? If so, why?

If not, do you agree that there are people out there just looking for a moderate increase?

Do you think some people honestly think flash tuning is a better solution?

I don't ask these to bash, but just to make a point.

There are people who don't want to get in on this most power game. There are people who have been in other automotive communities and have seen what flashes can do. Some people like the idea of letting the DME do what it is supposed to do, and other people just want whatever device (or flash) gives them the most power.

More power to whatever choice you make. If you are happy, then that is ALL THAT MATTERS.

But to say flashes fail because they cannot be done at home yet is crazy. There are already people with flashes running around here. If a flash tune other than Dinan had been around as long as the Procedes or JBs do you really think no one would buy the flash?

I will agree with ONE point though, if flashing is done only via mail in it can never compete. But like someone said, GIAC has a network of dealers. So I think that part might not be an issue.