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This is the way I look at it.. The manual is more fun because you are more with the car. You can engage/shift gears directly, where as the steptronic you have to press more than one click (ie..4th to 2nd). Autos eliminate human error, like missed gears or improper gear selection resulting in pre-mature wear. Look at youtube and how many times people miss gears or fry clutches at the track. I think the actual manual tranny will hold more torque but because of user input error, the auto is better to eliminate the user error creating premature damage. For autos, the problem lies usually in the overdrive gears. They are not designed to handle high levels of boost. Thankfully we have cars with very good ecms/pcms to regulate pressure. I have seen turbo cars in auto that have litterally fried the overdrive gears. I have an auto because the traffic here is getting really shitty and I often like driving drinking a bevvy or woofing down a burger. There are some mods that are useless in an auto like a bov unless you let go of the gas everytime you shift.