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Originally Posted by Humtek View Post
If you go dinan it does. You get flash the first time... what is it now $1500? Stage 2 is like another $1000 or so? I'm not exactly sure on the numbers because I don't follow the dinan flashes, but it just about costs $1000 or so through each stage. Where with the piggy it costs you once and then you upgrade maps for free.

Flashes for the evo are on completely different level. Most mail in flashes or custom tuning will cost you $300 give or take a few, each time your re-tuned or re-flashed and that doesn't include dyno time if that is how you choose to get tuned. Tuners won't charge you $350 once and then give you unlimited flashes when you put more parts on. Their out to make money not give away their tuning abilities for free.
Dinan is ONE flash tuner. Their prices are crazy to begin with, but you get that warranty... lol.

What about the other flashes that are becoming available? Do you know their policy on flashing higher stages?

Now, you mentioned a piggy. So people with Procede 1.47 can use these new maps? Nope, they had to upgrade somewhere along the line. If they were smart, they held out for a while and did not upgrade at every new revision.