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Originally Posted by smdandb2 View Post
I can(and DO) monitor the CANBUS with this thing...

That is all Shiv is doing. There is no data being changed on the CANBUS (at least in regards to engine parameters). I have no idea what he is doing on the display. I remember hearing about displaying a numerical boost number there, but never heard if he got it working.

Now, he can monitor what is going on and whatever sensor signals he is interpreting he can change the output to try to adjust based on the CAN information. But it is still 'tricking' the DME. It works, and he makes power. But don't think he is actually changing data in the DME directly. It is a cause and effect type deal.
These "tricking" the DME comments make me chuckle. Last I checked, computers were logic machines. Completely predictable and repeatable based upon input data (all of which can be monitored by the CANbus PROcede). The DME does not hold being "tricked" by modified input data against you. It will still be there in the morning. It may even still make you breakfast if you are nice.

And yes, we can alter CANbus data as well as read it.


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