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Instead of purchasing a new system for $1000 purchase a used "Rev 1" system for $250-$300 in the used section. If you study the dyno day comparisons and user reviews the power and drivability are virtually identical. The "Rev 2" features are just blatant hype designed to get you to buy. You have to realize you are dealing with very successful and professional salespeople here. They know how to pull your strings and separate you from your hard earned cash. Many "users" here are plants that received their box for free or discounted to help create buzz around the new system. Other "users" are happy with anything to self justify their hefty upgrade purchase. Don't fall for it.

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now thats what i call that some serious hating ..
there's no reason for undermining a tuners effort -- making wild statements like that.. each person on this forum has the benefit of a wealth of knowledge at the click of a mouse (whether you chose to believe these actual experiences are true or not), and good sense and a track record of the tuner will always tell the tale.. I believe that Shiv's track record speaks for itself -- with out comments from the "peanut gallery"