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Originally Posted by TheTwinz View Post
I don't see it as bashing procede.. He did tell the guy to just buy the Rev 1.. not like he was trying to sway him into getting a different tune. he was just stating his opinion on the matter. that is still legal on a public forum right?
Yes, of course, but for someone to register and have all four of their posts be negative comments about a particular tune insinuates that they are a regular user on here who has decided to hide behind another username to bash someone else's product, which I think is foolish.

Originally Posted by lawdude View Post
Yeah, he loves Shiv and he loves the Procede - that's what I took away from it.
Me? I think Shiv presents himself well on here and has a good product. I also think the JB3 is a good product, and though I don't have any first hand experience with it, it seems those who do like it very much. I think there should be accurate information from which the customer can choose their product. Spreading false information doesn't help. If calling someone out who is doing that is being a fan boy, then I guess I'm guilty?