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Ive been on conventional tires for about 2 years now, and finally it happened, I had a flat, and not a leak, but a total flat. Within 5 minutes of getting the TPMS warning, the tire was down to 10 psi. I filled it up to 43 psi to try and get back home from the store, and by the time I got home (about 5 minutes) the car was down to 9 psi.

I have no spare thanks to BMW. So in the morning I call for a roadside fix, well, they dont do that and the car had to be towed to my local Discount Tire. No problem you say, and for many, its not. But since I take my 19 month old to day care in the morning, him and I had to stay home and wait for the babysitter to come over, eventually she did and then I had to wait for a taxi to come which took for ever, and take me down to the tire shop. Luckily I had purchased road hazard insurance, and the tire was replaced before I even arrived. Overall, the lack of a spare cost me a ton of headache and time. And luckily, I was home when this happened, just running to get milk at the store. If this had happened far from home and with my son in the car, it would have been quite a mess. How many cabs have childrens seats in them?

I was waiting for improved RFTs so I could switch back, and now I cant wait.
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