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Originally Posted by PM3 View Post
I am talking about a driving experience...or u telling me you rather have a Q7 V12 tdi (based on the audi as you mencioned) thats most likely faster and as more pulling power than an m3???

typical from you americans to confuse power with "pleasure".
You know, on of THE best m cars ever, is the original e30 you know how many hp it had and torque?? check it might even surprise you to know that your 135i as a lot more power than that car did, but pitch both against one another and see wich one is the best!

Also read the reviews on the R8 tdi concept
Unfortunately it's people like you who have a bad perception of Diesel that has stopped it becoming big in America. Yes, I realize you are in Portugal. We have lots of people like you here.

The general perception is that diesel is a truck fuel that is dirty and loud. I see Volkswagen and Audi TDI cars on a daily basis and they are neither louder nor do they have dirtier exhaust than any gas car.

Diesel offers better gas mileage and increased torque. For example, the BMW 335d is a twin-turbo Inline 6 with 420 ft-lbs. of torque and 265 horsepower. It's received brilliant reviews. In fact, law enforcement in America is in the process of upgrading to new, diesel powered police cars with a very similar engine producing the same horsepower and torque figures. I don't know if that engine is BMW sourced but I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Here is the website: Check it out for yourself.

Diesel is the easiest way for car companies to continue to provide powerful engines while improving gas mileage. It does not require new infrastructure. It does not require new engine designs. It only requires acceptance and understanding of diesel's potential to be a replacement for gasoline.

I don't see why you have a problem with an M3 having a tractor's torque, if anything that would improve performance. The M3 is about track times, not high top speeds. Handling and acceleration is more important for an M3 than top speed. Therefore, the increased torque provided by diesel engines would be an asset, not a liability as you claim.