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Originally Posted by xsboost View Post
Anyone found with these new maps that they are getting severe hesitation around 3,300 rpm when the engine is cold? It nearly throws me through the windshield. I'm sure it's the new safety feature that prevents full power while the engine is cold, but my 335 is not liking it when the weather is really cold in the mornings. In the warmer afternoon it seems 90% okay.

It's winter here and this is the first time my car has had any issues with new maps, normally I upload and car runs as smooth as a baby with no 'adaptation' jitters. FYI, stg 1 @ 75% UT.
Surprising enough, just took the car for a boot and was in a rush. Driving fast but not super hard, major jerks when car is cold! Not liking that. Runs great once car warms up though!