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Originally Posted by fatmatt0116 View Post
Glad to hear that you're okay, sorry about the car. I am a physician and curious to know what medication were you coming off of?
Lexapro. I generally have very harsh reactions to psychiatric meds, and have been having a very rough time in terms of side effects coming off, even tapering down slowly (5mg per 7 days). Was only on the med for ~2 months. Some significant dizziness and disorientation ever since beginning to taper off, and one other near-fainting incident (more like a conventional faint, with cold sweats, everything going "white").

I'm taking Lamictal (and have been for years), so odds are it's not a seizure, but who knows.

Both psychiatrist and internist are pretty confident it's a very, very severe withdrawal symptom, but we're going to check everything.
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