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Originally Posted by SpmnE9zero View Post
I am not sure, but I think you may hear crickets at that price. I may be speaking out of turn here but the majority of the posters here would probably rather have some DPE's or some IForged rims for nearly the same $. I understand they are OEM but in the end they are still just stock wheels that most people are gonna either want for a winter setup or to return their cars back to stock for lease turn in so I think they may shy away at that price, even tho they are really nice rims.
I think you should keepem for the winter.
I shoulda mentioned it was in CAD funds ..........something in the range of $3500CAD-$4500CAD........ but i think that's a very reasonable price because i just called up my SA and he told me they'd cost $7000+ to special order them..... i'm thinking maybe i should hang on to them.........HMMMMMM......... this is soo frustrating!!!!!