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Originally Posted by ChrisV View Post
While Americans are considered badge snobs, they still don't want to pay a premium price for a luxury car that can be out accellerated by a basic economy car.

With freeway merging/overtaking being a big part of our driving experience, and a history of cheap, high hp cars available in the US (unlike Europe), theres no reason to spend a lot of money of a car and get low hp numbers, especially when that car is a heavy car.

I mean, my 740iL is rated at 285 hp, and weighs over 4000 lbs. It's considered kind of slow these days, when Altimas, Camry's and Accords have that much power.
I have to agree with this.

A 15% discount on a 650i would still yield a $72,000 car, roughly.

At $72,000, you could buy a Z06 Corvette that would knock the panties off any ricer, so why would you buy a 630i that could barely pass a Camry on the freeway?
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