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Originally Posted by diablo2112 View Post
Well, looks like I joined the HPFP failure club today. Returning to work, main road back to our worksite, sweeping corner with barrier walls, 2 lanes, doing the posted speed limit of about 35 mph, heavy trafffic.

Car just stopped DEAD mid turn. Literally. No juice, nothing. Steering got heavy, I pulled as far over to the right as I could, middle of a blind corner, just about a cars-width between a barrier wall and the traffic lane. Wouldn't restart. Long cranks. Very occassionally, would get a bit of gas, then die again. From what I've read, classic HPFP symptoms.

Hit the SOS button (didn't have my cell phone with me - I usually don't, not allowed on our secured work site), got the local PD to come and protect the lane while BMW arranged for a wrecker. Was lucky, wrecker was in the area, got towed off about 30 minutes after.

Amazing how sudden this shut down. No warning, no long cranks, nothing. Just went stone dead.

Oh, I had retrofitted Bluetooth, and decided to go whole-hog and activate Assist as well. Happy for that, now. Without my cell, would not have been nearly as safe to take care of this.

Other details: 07 E90, 6MT, 24k miles.

Now, where do I learn the secret handshake?

I would report this to NHTSA. I think you can do it on their web site. While not frequent, this is not the first time that someone was put in danger by a HPFP failure.

Leif W.

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