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Originally Posted by PM3 View Post
My diesel bmws for as long as i have and then a straight 6 petrol engine with half the torque and then get back to me.

Diesel are great for an everyday car...everybody in my family drives a diesel bimmer...but for an M performance car...i dont think so...sure you could call a 335d a performance car these days, it as more hp than previous generations of m cars, but keep i mind that current m cars have more power as well.
It seems to me like we are agreeing that Diesel is a good thing. Your other posts made me think you were anti-diesel.

However, I think that as diesel becomes more mainstream we will see at least one M car with a diesel engine. This may not happen for quite a while, at least for cars in the M3's class. The Audi R8 TDI has proved a venerable platform. If we can make electric sports cars (Tesla Roadster, for example) why wouldn't diesel work? With sufficient tuning, of course. I think if anyone can pull it off it's BMW's M division.

Horsepower and torque, while important, are not the deciding factor of what's a sports car and whats not. The Ariel Atom for example has a Honda sourced four cylinder producing about 265hp. It can accelerate to 100kph faster than a Bugatti Veyron with 1001hp. Why? It's extremely lightweight. Not only that but it has superb handling. The e36 M3 had only around 280hp, more than the Atom, and it takes at least twice as long as the Atom to get to 100kph.

The horsepower race is over, and car companies know this. It's not about how much horsepower you have, but how fast you can take a corner, or how fast you can accelerate. Sportscars in the future will still have horsepower ratings much higher than normal cars, but I think they will weigh a lot less too. That's probably one of the reasons Ferrari is choosing to use a V-8 with a blower for the Enzo replacement, instead of another V-12.

Sorry, I'm rambling. I'm gonna press post now. :P