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Originally Posted by silver View Post
Ok, I understand

But there is something I do not understand

Is it possible to feel all the engine power of the cars in USA, is not your traffic rules very strict?

For example, in my country, you can do 140 miles/hour in a highway with an
e90 320d, and if you want, you can do street race or highway race with another car, (I never race but go over 125 miles/hour frequently)
That is because traffic rules are not strict, there is no dissuasive punishments)

I do not understand the mentality of having a very powerful car if I had to go with 80 miles/hour in highway and even slower in another roads...

I think that US customers give great importance to comfort, and they can buy big cars with relatively small engines... But as I understand performance is also an other issue... But with that traffic rules, I do not understand the importance of perfromance
When we want to go fast here we just go to 'Mexico'

But seriously, as has been already mentioned, power still works under 140 mph. And makes driving a lot easier/safer etc., in a vehicle that weighs a ton.

But your 'argument' is moot. The question should be why would a manufacturer sell any car that has a lot of power in the US or any other country that has speed limit laws? The US manufacturers have been building powerful muscle cars in this country forever.

So, I don't get what your question is really all about. It makes no sense. Except to remind us that you have the autobahn (I'm assuming you're in Europe.)

btw, driving rules in Europe are a LOT more strict than here. The police use radar to track you (they don't pull you over) and send you a ticket later. Spain is even worse. The only difference is the autobahn has no posted limits (but only in certain signed sections.)

This smells more like trolling..........