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Wow. Great work sstarch1. Thanks for taking the time to do this I'll throw in my 2 bits...

1. Is the XEDE tuning have dynamic power mapping?
Answer: ????????
I second that

2. What is the MPG while using the XEDE?
Answer: During normal driving, expect 1-2mpg improvement. If you're flogging the car hard, expect to get 3-4mpg less.

3. What is the confirmed zero to 60 times?
Answer: In the low 4s range. Depends on surface quality and launch.

4. What is the confirmed qtr mile times?
Answer: To official times yet. I'd expect mid to high 12s. Time will tell.

5. If the dealership doesn't detect XEDE will the ECU somehow detect it?
Answer: No. The Xede is completely invisible to the ECU and dealership.

6. How long will Vishnu provide support for the product?
Answer: We still support products from 1999 (the first year of our company). So I don't think this is an area of concern.

7. How useful is all this power if you don't have an LSD?
Answer: Very useful. See videos

8. What is the practical HP gains without the custom exhaust-I'm not that interested in PEAK HP, more middle of the range HP...
Answer: On 94 octane, we've seen gains of 55-60whp and 70-80lbft of torque. At just 10-11psi. With no mods other than the Xede.

9. What additional boost with the XEDE create w/out the custom exhaust?
Answer: Boost pressure are 10-11psi with the factory exhaust. 11-12psi with the upgraded exhaust.

Hope that helps!