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after reading the threads posted by shiv, this is what i found out. please correct me if im wrong.

What I Found Out:
1. Xede is a small chip card placed in a free slot inside the ECU panel.
2. It is understood as a "piggy back ride" with ECU which provides custom settings for motor management.
3. If the dealer reprograms your ECU, the settings will remain the same with the thought of having to remove the Xede before reprogramming.
4. Installation is simple with no wiring, cutting, etc required and takes less then 15 minutes.
5. Xede will be $3000 being released mid January
6. Improves gas milage under normal conditions 1-2 and loss of 3-4 under heavy.
7. 0-60 low 4's based on conditions
8. 1/4 Undertermined but expected mid-high 12's.

1. If the Xede is a card (like a video card in a pci-e slot on a computer) couldn't the dealership find it when lets say they look in the ECU panel?
2. What is dynamic power mapping?
3. What is piggy back riding the ECU?

1. This is amazing, coming from an m3 to a 335i i must say these new tunings are going to be a hell of a ride. Supersprint already made a full exhaust kit to hit the market mid january which i am really excited about, vf is making 3 stages which will take time but their stage 1 which is just software should hit the market in a few months and who knows what active is going to do with the 335i and the benefits of a factory turbo. Progressing time will determine the softwares available, expecially the well known d/a.