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I am really in love with the idea of a 330d, hopefully I will be in a position to place my order in the next month or so. BMW usually introduces their running updates in the September builds, so the timing could be great for me.

I haven't test driven one yet, and the only fly in the ointment for me could be the lack of RPM and the difference in engine sound, but I suspect that I will get over that once I sample the loverly seam of torque on offer (esp compared to the 325i I drive currently).

My question is what about turbo lag? These things go great when they are up and running, but do any of the 330d owners notice any lag, esp in stop and go traffic... a friend has a Merc 3.0 diesel and that goes like the clappers but does have lag. I would imagine that BMW's engine would be even better, but to ultimately dial the lag out would require a twin turbo set up I would guess... anyway and opinions on this from 330d drivers would be appreciated.
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