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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu
Not quite. It's a separate computer box about 1/4 the size of the factory ECU. It sits just next to the factory ECU in an empty "shelf". Very convenient

I think so?

Yes, the ECU can be reprogrammed independantly of the XEDE. The two are fully discrete from each other. Likewise, you program the XEDE without programming the ECU.


Not quite. The current intro price for the XEDE kit (XEDE, boost controller and harness) is $1300. It my increase slightly in January.


Yes and yes.

As mentioned the Xede is its own box with a wiring harness and a serial connector (for laptop interface/tuning) coming out of it. I don't know what dynamic power mapping is either Piggy-back computers, be definition, work with the factory ECU, not instead of it. The XEDE essentially recalibrates all the sensors to induce a higher level of performance without the ECU being the wiser.

thank you so much shiv for your answers and help to my questions. do you have a timeframe on when the kit will be released?

lastly a major importance i have in mind is that the xede boosts the psi to 10-11 psi and 12-13 psi with a full aftermarket exhaust setup. now will the 10-11 psi boost from the stock i think 5psi still give the engine the reliability with all this extra pressure? being a previous m3 owner i know that the s54 engine has very strong rods, connectors, etc that allow the full s/c and nitrous setups but being this a new car and all, just a curiousity. hope you understand and once again thanks for your help.