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2. What is the MPG while using the XEDE?
Answer: During normal driving, expect 1-2mpg improvement. If you're flogging the car hard, expect to get 3-4mpg less.
This is ambiguous. The normal driving part is clear. However, it's unclear when you say "expect to get 3-4 mpg less" whether that's referring to the stock car being flogged or the tuned car being driven normally. In other words, if you get 1-2 mpg better than stock when driving "normally", are you saying 3-4 mpg less than that, or 3-4 mpg less than the mileage the stock car gets when flogged.

9. What additional boost with the XEDE create w/out the custom exhaust?
Answer: Boost pressure are 10-11psi with the factory exhaust. 11-12psi with the upgraded exhaust.
This Q/A is also ambiguous. The questions asks what boost is added by the tuning, while the answers state what the absolute values of the boost (presumed max) are with both the XEDE and the XEDE + Exhaust configurations. Two different things. I would prefer to see a set of 3D plots showing boost on z axis, with rpm and throttle % on x & y axes (all other variables held constant) - one for each of the three configurations. That's the only way you'll begin to get a complete picture of what the modifications to boost are.