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S55 AMG v. Procede 135i

I was pleasantly surprised to pull hard on an s55 AMG tonight. I didn't know too much about them, but I suspected that it would be close and that he would pull away at higher speeds.

So, I'm rushing to my buddies for the fight, and pass the amg on 84 just before the dumbarton bridge. As I slowed down for last stoplight, he raced to get in front of me. I'm thinking, "It's on, yo!" (in reference to a recent video BTW, this is a good place to race, since the traffic is clear in front of you, there are no more turnoffs, and you have excellent vision in every direction.

I'm right behind him as he takes off, and I quickly move over to the middle lane. Immediately, I'm closing the gap from starting from behind him. I passed him at about 130 and walked him to 150ish. Good times.

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