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Originally Posted by JamieA View Post
My question is what about turbo lag?
When in drive and you come to a stop the car starts in 2nd gear so under mild throttle the car doesn't have that inital bite that a petrol six would have, but if you punch it it will drop to 1st which usually results in tyre screech and DSC light flashing. The best way for an aggressive launch is to drive in DS or my preferred technique; pop it down to 1st with your thumb on the paddle as you come to a stop, in 1st there is no perceivable lag and when you back off the throttle the car switches back to D (drive) automatically. This car has lass lag than my 135i.

I drove to Toowoomba and back to Brisbane today and the entire trip the average consumption was 5.4l/100km, at one stage if i added the distance since full to the estimated distance to empty it would have added to 1300km. Overtaking from 80km/h, drop to 4th and within seconds tha car is at 140km/h and then the engine is only at 4000rpm. This is the best engine and gearbox combo I have owned with this being my 9th BMW including 2 V8 BMW's in recent years.