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I'm posting this question here because I know you'll be back soon with your new settings Malek, and you seem to know this system inside and out. I'm wondering if you can help me out with something I noticed yesterday. I was listening to a song from my iPhone with your settings, with surround set to Music. All of a sudden, I notice a major shift in the music from the front to the rear, and it sounded really good. It's repeatable at the same point in the song. I don't know how the signal processing works, but I'd say 95%+ of the song is imaged up front, but there is that one section that filled in the back. What causes that, is it normal? Is it the rear fader issue I see people talking about? Is there a way to get it to play the sound more fully with the rear speakers (I've tried moving the fader of course). I bought my car used a month ago so am just getting used to it, and have read some posts about rears cutting in and out, but don't know if there is a remedy of if that's what I heard. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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