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Hey Guys

Just picked up mine on Thursday last week. I had a chance to drive it this weekend and manage to do 600ks already up and down the coast.

1st impression, the engine is definitely a step up compare to the other 2nd gen diesel I still have on X5 and 530d. The is no much notice of lag starting from stand still and it just keeps on going and going and going.... U feel like u run out of road very quickly and the cars next to u feel like they are not moving half the time. Gear change is smooth and fast coz of 2nd gen ZF tranny and the engine tone is much sportier compare to the original 2nd gen where it sound more like a tractor. It has a better engine roar and u kick it and at idle it is much quieter too.

I was on the Gateway doing 80 through the road work section on the overtaking lane, holding the car in gear at 2500rpm for awhile trying out the gear shift paddle on steering wheel. I saw an opening on the left lane to overtake the slow car in front on the right lane pushed petal to 75%. The DTC light came straight away at 80km/h and it feel like the car in front had braked or something coz it was that fast. I guess when u have 520nm of torque pushing u it not hard to overtake. I think I need larger tires when it is time for upgrade to PS2. Consumption so far is at 6.7l/100ks which is pushing it when ever I get a stretch. I’m trying to keeping the rpm down below 4000rpm as it is still in it running in period so I will let u guys know down the track how it performs at high rev coz single turbo diesel engine usually weaken a bit at higher revs.

The diesel smell is gone too with this engine. The 530d and X5 have a strong diesel smell when idling but the 330d doesn't coz the combustion is more complete. I was playing with the individual audio in the garage with car running for awhile with only the side door open. I was amazed that the air in the garage did not stink when I got out.

I think the DTC is tune better compare to the 530d as it intervenes a bit earlier before the tires spin. The 530d being a longer and heavier car tends to spin a lot under acceleration at corners but the 330d doesn't as much. Maybe because it is lighter and have a shorter wheelbase.

Oh BTW, the individual audio is not that good... Disappointment. Not worth $4100 in my option. I think the sound is a little bit muffle and should be sharper, crisper and clearer. I ended up turning up the treble to increase the high frequency response better but still not as good. Bass response is good so I have to give it only 7 out of 10. Just go logic 7 coz I think Logic 7 sound very close in my opinion. Logic 7 is supplier by Harman Karden apparently and I think u get more value out of it or maybe I’m expecting too much

The LCI looks stunning. It has really grown on me. The sports package also improves the cosmetic appeal of the car. The sports seats are great. U can adjust the lumbar and also the wide of the side sport on both front seats. Kinda like pressing the sport button on M5 where the seat bulge up on side but obviously without the hp boost lol. Adaptive light is quite fun and the extra turning light that come on and off is quite cool. Still getting use to high beam assists thou.

All good things said, there are also a few bad things to mention. My Corning light decided to die on me on the 1st night. A fault light came on saying Corning light fault and in the description it said, corning light failure, consult ur nearest BMW service centre WTH!!! Next day I tried it, it was ok again but last night it came back on. I think it is because of the cold weather. It was 12 degree last tonight when it played up and from memory it was same on Thursday nite. 2ndly the glove box does to close properly. I need to wack it in hard to get it to close. 3rdly, there is a strange squeaky sound when I back out of the driveway on driver door when the car flexes a bit up and down the kerb. So much for BMW QA. I think it is because it is assemble in SA. My X5 that was assembled in US has numerous of problem too but that is another story. The other 325ci and 530d were German made and no problem except the air con button on 530d. 4thly, the sport pack should have came with Aluminium Glacier Silver interior Trim but for some reason I got brushed aluminium. I think someone, somewhere stuff up the order. I think Aluminium Glacier Silver interior might be better but I can’t be stuff getting them to swap over the trims.

Overall, very happy with the car. Money well spend I think. I will be happy to drive this car for more than 5-10 years. And for those of u who r on the fence deciding between diesel or petrol, go diesel It is the future. The dealer told me BMW Australia is bring much more diesel engine in late this year throughout their range including 330d on couple and 123d which is the twin turbo diesel engine in smaller capacity. Kinda regretting getting the 4 door diesel knowing now they r putting the same engine in couple which should come with DCT.

I will try to up load some photos on a thread in the next few day with some photo and video if I can.

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