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JB3 with full bolt-on's and one crazy fast E92 M3..

So I ironed out some issues with my car in the past few months...a lot of you know I had switched back to JB3 from PROcede and swapped my spark plugs with some fresh ones. The result was a solid dyno on 100 octane (412whp 412wtq).

Well after all that and an IC upgrade it was time to put that power where lots of people would rather see it... on the streets of Mexico of course!

Here's a demonstration by way of an acceleration contest. This is me dueling my buddy Drew and his E92 M3 with full bolt ons, and as you can see in the video, was very happy to see me do well given my previous performance issues. He's got one very fast DCT M3. In fact, the fastest bolt-on M3 I've raced to date and he's got the kill list to prove it too. You can really get a sense for the lightning quick shifts of the DCT transmission..and a sense for the power and torque i'm making as I make up ground and pull even with him!

So enjoy this demonstration of after market performance and bavarian engineering! Courtesy of BMS and the folks at VP Race Fuels LOL

Oh and also before this run saw me dead even with a stage 3 S4 on water/meth.

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