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Originally Posted by 5soko335i View Post
Great job!
So basically your Jb3 335i would have taken out that CLK63 Black series, since at the end of the race you were even with the DCT M3 full bolt on.
Yeah i think so!

The car was still adapting to the MS109 even after I ran Drew. I could feel it getting significantly quicker the more wide open throttle runs I made.

Basically I put the fuel in, switched maps and did an immediate run against the Stage3 S4. Really no adaptation time and still managed to maintain dead even with the S4. Afterwards, when I ran Drew, I could feel the car quicker than before. I believe the JB3 needs a few good WOT runs before the ECU adapts itself. So I think if I had run the CLK63 I would of beat him by at least a car length.