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BMW M Boss Dr. Segler speaks: No M7 and no M Diesel

M Division chief Dr Kay Segler has given a recent interview where he explains that the BMW M division did seriously consider putting fourth a BMW M7 but had decided against such a car for a multitude of reasons, but mostly due to low expected sales volume from such a car. It seems the top range car in the 7-series lineup will be the twin-turbo 760i. Not exactly a slouch with a 0-60 of 4.6s, rivaling other cars in the BMW M lineup

Dr. Segler also spoke on the topic of the rumored production version of the GT4 which he verified could be in the cards in the future. Offering the vehicle as a street car would not only satisfy the hardest of hardcore enthusiasts, it meets Segler's goal of helping to promote more competition at the entry level of motorsports.

On the topic of a diesel M car, Dr. Segler felt this to be unrealistic as the majority of M sales are made in the United States and we still do not embrace diesel cars on a large scale. Dr. Segler did recognize that diesel engines are now considered worth race engines, but this decision is more of a marketing and sales decision rather than a performance one.

Finally he discussed M Sport. This is a proposed line up of parts between the standard BMW cars and the traditional BMW M cars. This would be give a unique addon to BMW enthusiasts but i'm not sure how these parts would interact with the recently launch BMW Performance lineup of parts.

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