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Talking Bmw Performance Exhaust Review (pictures & Video)

The 335/135/535 community is spoilt for choice when it comes to exhaust modifications.
Sport or racing, cat-back, axle-back, single and quad mufflers, downpipes, mid pipes, straight pipes, catless or catted, complete exhaust systems, larger exit tips, stainless steel or black polished, to the rare titanium tipped ones.
Modifying the exhaust is probably the most important power mod to consider before anything else. During 2007, I saw a 335 coupe in Austria with an Eisenmann race exhaust and could never get the amazing raw and guttural sound out of my head and soul. It was “love of sound @ first sight" before performance but of course if one could get both even better!
Three months ago, I shopped around for the Eisenmann and was able to get a good price but eventually decided on the BMW performance exhaust, because even though I preferred the Eisenmann race version (it suited my personality) I was not sure if the family would be able to live with the loud, daring sound in the long term.
It took awhile to see and hear decent YouTube videos of the BMW performance exhaust but I read the excellent e90post BMW exhaust review and pulled the trigger: (
In fact, YouTube videos of the BMW performance exhaust is not convincing and does not do justice to the unique sound. I compiled a few pictures and video clips and hope it will at least give an idea of what to expect.
Neither does the BMW international website have decent descriptions/pictures or reviews of their performance products especially of its performance exhausts and I think this is unfortunate for a company that supposedly spends so much on marketing its cars. The thumbnail picture and brief description of the BMW performance exhaust (on the BMW website) compared to the marketing of Eisenmann and other brands leave much to be desired.
On first sight the performance exhaust looks completely stock and does not “look” the heavy price tag. The mufflers and X pipes are not the good looking crafted polished types either such as Active Autowerke, Remus or even RissRacing.
Except for the corrosion resistant chrome-plated stainless steel tail tips everything else looks stock. The chrome tips are far more attractive compared to stock though, but are also the same size in diameter as the stock tips (80mm exactly; the stock outlet tips are just thicker). I would have preferred larger and more aggressive tail tips (101mm) to fill the diffuser openings more completely. For the adventurous: since the performance tips are the same as stock one could consider the Bimmian Dimisa aftermarket tips with 90mm and 101mm diameter – this could be interesting?
The performance exhaust comes with two silencers or mufflers (separated) and two mid pipes running from the second cats connected by an X pipe which replaces the stock resonator. The pipes are bolted together with 10 clamps (instead of flanges) which alone will set you back over $600 (R4,000).
The performance exhaust improves air and gas flow and reduces backpressure. BMW claims a weight saving compared to stock and when I held (tried) the two exhausts in my hands (one after the other) I could certainly feel the significant weight difference in favour of the performance exhaust.
The installation was done by my local BMW dealer and took about 2 hours. The stock exhaust had to be cut (after the second cat) to attach the new exhaust (see picture inserts) but is essentially a perfect fit.
The sound has been described as deep, moving and spine-tingling, with an aggressive engine note! Which is all true! But it is the beautiful sounds and tone through the rev range that excites; growling and roaring at low revs with howling crescendos at higher revs. There is zero drone in the cabin, just the pleasing sounds of the exhaust. At cruising speeds the exhaust sound is almost completely stock but wakes up with the slightest touch of the throttle.
Those with manual transmission will have fun tapping the throttle/revving at every occasion. The car is loud from the outside and can be heard from a long distance but is not annoying, just enough to draw attention. With an aftermarket DP the sound will certainly be much louder. The JB3 tune detects the performance exhaust and on map 6 the sound is louder (in cabin and outside) and simply amazing!
The car pulls stronger, which is very noticeable in DC mode with the rev needle zipping easily to 5000rpms. I have been driving it for two months and the exhaust has settled and opened up nicely.
This BMW performance exhaust system will NOT disappoint!
I am pleased with the performance of the exhaust but cannot really reconcile the BMW steep price compared with other quality performance exhausts on the market. And most other aftermarket performance exhausts are also complete units without the need for expensive clamps in between the mufflers and between the mufflers and the mid pipes.
I guess the BMW product warranty as well as its two year installation guarantee justifies the total cost.
Hmmm.....Okay, there are those moments when I am at a traffic light and a boy racer next to me revs up his tinny exhaust... that I wish (just briefly) I had the Eisenmann race sound to scare the hell out of him...
So enjoy the pics and video....
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