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I really do not understand why there is no use of making an M7. The X5 and X6 M are even more usless. Mercedes S AMG an Audi S8 do sell there cars, and i do see some of them. Why not make an M7 with a 5.5l V10 TT and more then 655 hp derived from the 4.4l V8 TT? If Alpina makes an B7 S on base of the 760i, it still will not be so good as a M7. And who wants an 120.000 "entry-level" 420 hp tripped of M3 GT4? They should do a real M3 CSL with 520 hp, the last most powerfull NA engine in the world, and this in the last NA M-Car. I do not know what deos BMW want to do with these 5 GT, 3 GT and 1 GT, eventhough I saw the 5 GT and I liked it. BMW does the best engines but they put them into the worst models.