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Is that sound s like a fuel pump failure?
Here what I have step by step:

1. One day filled tank up at 7-11 (in Rockville)
2. Next morning notices that car had very slight issues starting
3. All week long the time to start a car has build up to almost 2 seconds when engine cold. Still all right when hot (I mean just stop and then start again). But when cold it had 2 seconds of embarrassing to BMW chigi-chaging moments…
4. Scheduled visit to dealership (the one in Alexandria VA)
5. Direr reports that they could not reproduce the problem (very unlikely). But they can wash the car for free…
6. In two weeks after visit to the dealer Service Engine Soon light has popped up, and engine runs rough. Stopping and restarting would fix the issue…
7. In a few days problem progressed to troubles starting when warm.
8. Scheduled visit to dealership (the one in Alexandria VA)
9. Dealer reports that they could not reproduce the problem (very very unlikely). The fault code they have seen (and conveniently forgot) told them to replace wire for a left turn signal… (what a surprise)
10. In a two weeks time to start from cold got to 3 seconds. Then one morning “Service Engine Soon” light came on steady and would not disappear. It also felt that car runs on 5 cylinders only.
11. Scheduled emergency visit to VOB dealership in Rockville MD
12. Dealer reports that they fixed an issue by replaced sparkplug and coil on first cylinder. Car runs better, starts fine when hot, have barely nopticsable start issues after 10 minutes, But…. it still takes 3 second to start when cold…
13. A week later it takes over 4 second to start when cold, I feel like cylinders misfire right after start it sound rough for about 20 seconds then as car heats up it works ok…
14. Scheduled visit to dealership VOB in Rockville MD

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