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Originally Posted by Humtek View Post
I think of it the same way. I can upgrade the turbos and I can replace the pump on my own time. Who wants to go through all the pain to take off every mod to save a warranty for an amp? The downpipes are a PITA to begin with for the XI.

When I took my car in for the 15k interval I told them I didn't want any software upgrades and if they did have to do them I want to be notified before the software was upgraded and why it was being performed. It's my car not theirs.

I've taken it in twice now... Once for my 15k free oil change and again for my 30k last weekend. I specifically asked them to not upgrade the software unless absolutely necessary, and so far so good. Still rockin pre29.2

In anycase, your dealership SHOULD comply with your request because an amp replacement should NOT require it. And if they insist... Raise a stink.