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new member needs advice

hey guys, i just got my used jet black e92 335i about 3 weeks ago and have been loving it. I have been on the forums for a while just as an observer, and having stepped up from a 04 325ci i have to say this forum really helped me make my choice of cars easy. i know about the search feature but i couldn't find exactly what i was looking for so here it goes. thanks for the help in advance.

i know people say it is normal for the car to rattle a bit on start up, yet this irritating noise persists the whole time i drive the car. it is most noticeable in 1st through 3rd gear, goes away when clutch is pushed in, and is also Very noticeable when letting off accelerator in 1st through 3rd gear as engine spins down you can hear an annoying rattle sound coming from the engine bay.

Having come from a modded wrx to 325 to 335, i thought initially it might just be the exhaust knocking against either the diff or even against something else under the car. the reason i suspected this is because the original owner of the car took of the factory exhaust and had it powder coated black. I took it to a muffler shop and they said it might be one of the upper cats rattling but wanted 80 bucks an hour just to diagnose the problem. I am fairly mechanically adept, but do not have access to a lift at the moment which makes it hard for me to do much if the problem is located in the dp/ upper cat etc... the car still is under the factory warranty but i just wanted to get some members opinions before i go into the dealer.

thanks for the advice guys