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the amp will likely come uncoded -- no vin or car identification related to it -- which require a test plan >> unit software #s >> software numbers of each of the existing units >> and update will be indicated by the system.

since the cars are "networked" together its highly unlikely the individual component can be coded seperatly -- like to old days -- coding a instrument cluster didnt require programming (or coding any other units). but now all the software components "talk" to each other on the network and if one is not recognized -- guess what -- it is not recognized -- my i-pod adaptor, satellite radio, and alarm all required a full cycle of software updates.

if you are familiar with unix type systems some have dependency requirements, this is a sort of unix system (the early DIS testers ran on SCO UNIX) so there are dependency requirement on the cars also .. ever wonder why? have computer at home that has an application that misbehaves ? crashes, start slow, wont print? well thats why the software is packaged into versions, having tested the specific compatibilities of each package installed. so good chance youll wind up with (if their jetstream is working and ISIS is updated) 2.34.0 or otherwise known as E89x-09-06-510