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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
First, make sure your laptop has communication with the PROcede. Make sure it says "connected to procede" at the bottom. You will also notice things like IAT, TPS, etc,. giving readings.

When the engine symbol on your display illuminates, your codes (if present) will be displayed under DME Diagnostic Codes. If there are no numbers flashing, then you have no codes.


I am sure it says "connected to procede" at the bottom, and when the engine symbol iluminates, do I look in the right window in the DME Diagnostic Codes channel? I donīt see changes in this channel, although in other channel I see readings of throttle for example. Must I have some codes when I update the firmware? Even when I did it, I didnīt see nothing. Can I force some code to check that all works correctly?

Shiv today updated the firmware to 125, I noticed in valet mode less energy, is it possible? Now in valet mode is there less gas consumption than stock?, I remember that you told me.
Today I am to 800metres, but yesterday with firmware 123 I was to 0 metres ( I could see the channel "wastegate DC limit= debug word 4" to 50-51 in the sea level but in Madrid to 800m the channel is on 45. Is it the reason?
Shiv other thing: what is the channel to read the real opening of intake air valve.

Thank you