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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
Nope. If you have no code, you have no code.

No. Not possible.

Nothing has changed with respect to valet mode. It is just like that of a stock vehicle. Fuel consumption and all.

Yes. Higher altitude will require more boost DC to hit the same absolute pressure target.

It's the parameter called 'CAN DBW Throttle" DBW stands for Drive By Wire. This will all be explained in the custom tuning documentation I'm currently writing.


Shiv when I installed 2-19 map or older, I remember that in valet mode my car consumed less gas than stock, perhaps I am wrong but I liked very much and I remember to hear something regarding this issue.

Then is normal "Wastegate Dc limit out=debug word 4"=51-52 to 0 metres in the sea and 45 to 800metres??

Excuse me but I have many question and I donīt want to disturb you, I have question about clear codes, when i clear the codes, I reset the adaptation of DME (is it the same that I see in the "user pocede" called reset ECU?)

Thank a lot Shiv.