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just had SSK installed on 08 335i

Hey guys. What a day. I went to the dealer to have my short shift kit installed on my 08 335i.
So I sat there for 2 hours when the writer walks up to me and says, they're having a problem installing it, and that if it's going to take much longer, they'll throw me in a loaner and continue to work on it. 15 minutes later he comes out and says that they give up. They're going to put the stocker (with a lowered shift knob). What could I do..I'm not a mechanic (by any stretch), and couldn't argue with them. What could I say. I did mention this site and all the folks who had installed them. So 15 more minutes go by and they ask me to wait a little longer. They think they figured out the problem and should have the car done shortly.

Well, I finally got the car back, pulled out of the dealer lot, and immediately noticed a difference in the shifts. They're tighter, but more direct, and definitely quicker. I LOVE this thing. Only one problem....

My wife took the car out later today just for a short trip to the store and when she got home, she's telling me there's a strange exhaust noise. I told her she was nuts and that she just likes to complain no matter what .

But I did end up calling her later...I found that at very low RPMs, there's a pretty bad vibration kind of noise...which sounds like it's coming from under the knob/under the car. For example...if I'm going around a corner, and don't downshift into 3rd (under 4th gear...yes..I know this is too low)...but at that point, there's definitely a loud vibration, and I'm now a little concerned. I know I read somewhere that part of the exhaust has to be removed to do this job. Could it be that this guy didn't tighten things up properly..or is it just the re-position of a new part in there, and the noise is normal.

In any event, for those of you who have done this mod, I'd love to hear your comments. I'm taking it back no matter what...but I just want to make sure I'm not going to hear my exhaust (or one of those plates) dragging along the ground before I can get it in...which won't be until this coming Sat.

Any suggestions/comments? Once again...I LOVE THIS THING. It feels so much better, I can't even compare the two. But I'm also a perfectionist...and to hear a strange noise is a bit disheartening.

Thanks alot for your comments.