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Originally Posted by Panoz
My question is : If YOU ever paid such money for a car ,would you risk in making any "mods" that could possibly ruin its reliability and affect its lifetime?

Let me have your comments on this
Okay I don't believe that a properly designed and implemented modification will potentially ruin the car's reliability. There are many ways to make power. Some ways are safeer than others. The approach a tuner adopts is usually a byproduct of what tuning means they have at the given time. With the Xede, we're able to run the car richer than stock (as rich as 10.5:1) with a healthy margin of safety against knock. We're also able to implement dynamic conditional timing retard to guard against knock during sudden changes of engine load (where knock is most common). By any standard, the tune is safe and stable. Boost pressures are also conservative, 10.5psi peak and falling off to 9psi at redline. The thing that is hard for many to accept is that factory tunes are not designed for max. power. They are designed to achieve the power/economy/emissions goals specified by marketing/market needs. Not every user has the same exact mixture of criteria. And that's were tuners come in. And that is also when smiles get really wide and burn-out marks get really long.