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I like valet mode="stock" because with low pressure the response is very fast and I feel it very strong to low-medium regimen.

I thing that the DME adapts is terrible! I drove 65000 km with my 335i. Correct me if I am wrong but I think that with older maps and firmware when I cleared codes, DMe reseted too?
I remember other guys interested in that feature, Please Shiv is it difficult to implement?

Thank you

Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
If you have a Rev.2, there is no reason to run a Doomsday map since you can read/clear tuner manipulation codes. No one else has reported any vibrations with the DD map. But I'll keep my ears open.
I have two request please Shiv:

There should be no difference with respect to valet mode power between firmware 123 and 125. Or between any firmware versions for that matter. Besides, if you want performance, why are you running in valet mode?

We looked at this. But found no need to do it. DME adapts quickly enough for all intents and purposes.