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Exclamation PROcede Ignition Timing control- Fact from Fiction

Ok... so I got a bit tired of this debate regarding CAS offsetting and it's effect (or, as some have claimed, it's lack of effect) on actual timing advance/knock resistance. I thought the concept was pretty straight-forward and un-debateable. But I feel some parties suggested that it was more of a questionable "theory" than the testable and repeatable fact that it really is.

So I took the time to conduct a bunch of timing experiments today. All the while logging Actual and DME (perceived) timing advance in a number of map configurations (ranging from zero PROcede timing conrrection/CAS offset to several degrees of timing correction/CAS offset). And the results speak for themselves.

My questions to the forum is:

Can I present this info (datalogs), all of which is easily repeatable by others running CANbus PROcedes, without the thread turning into a flame war?

It's going to be a good thread just as long as we can stay on topic. Lots of useful tech info.

What do you guys say?