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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
ok... everyone is entitled to an opinion. But what I'm going to present is fact.

please show two logs, BOTH AT THE SAME PSI/POWER LEVELS. Both adapated with some sort of timestamp if possible. 1 log pull 3 degrees of timing or whatever, the other make no changes. I bet my ass that both logs will be identical.

When you change boost, no kidding timing is going to be different

canbus doesnt having anything to do with timing control. The ecu will run max timing on its own. I was a big non believer of no timing control, but on this car, its usless from the countless testing ive done with various systems/octanes/meth.

Hell on meth i added as much as 7 degrees of timing over a matter of 8-9 dyno runs, run one and run 9....guess what, same actual timing.