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Help me out with my 09 335i

okay so as I was gettting out of my car today a walked around behind it and as I was admiring my month old car, I noticed that the drivers side exhaust looked brand new and did not have the black exhaust build up that the passenger side had. I mean it has no exhaust in it what so ever. So I went back into the car started it up and then put my hands over the exhausts. Drivers side, nothing pasenger side-fine. If I look into the drivers side exhaust i can see the butterfly valve looks to be open but no exhaust coming out and you can actually touch the driver side exhaust without getting burned but the passenger side is obviously hot as hell. Now this was done not 2 minutes after I got home from driving the car. So the car was by all means warm.

After doing some searching on here I found that the cars have to me warm in order for exhaust gases to go out of both sides. Is it only when actually driving the car rather than at idle? Sorry, I will put on my flame suit but yes im still a newby to this car and I did my searching before hand.