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I love new firmware and maps because there's this placebo effect most of the time where everything feels better.

I updated the firmware and map to the latest posted by shiv and went for a drive to Costco. On the way back the oil temp finally got up to 200 and I felt safe checking out the throttle response. I like to think I'm as sensitive to changes in the car's performance, and the car definitely felt lighter and more responsive and this was with a full tank of gas 95octane mix and 2-1/2 people in the car. As usual, no issues with the PROcede, everything is smooth and strong. PROcede Rev 1, DCI, Forge, 95oct mix only.

I realize Shiv said these maps offer no performance changes over the 7/3 maps and #123 firmware, but it feels better to me.

Thanks Shiv!
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