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Just did this on my 07 328XI. I used the 330 lever and bought some extra clips and a bushing.

Some hurdles I ran into.
1. Getting the rubber boot out. It goes in and under a quite a bit. But just keep clawing at it and it will eventually pop. Bottom first, then you can yank it off the lever after its out.

2. Getting the circlip off. I just used a small skinny flathead and knocked it off. Luckily, it went right on top of the tranny and I was able to pick it up with a magnetic screwdriver.

3. After sliding the new lever onto the shift rod, it was clear that getting the new circlip on was going to be tricky. The new clips are a little different then what was on the car already. The new ones I couldn't get a good grab with the needle nose pliers to put it on. I ended up reusing the old clip, lucky that it didn't go into the black hole, because the way it is shaped allowed it to be put straight up and down in the pliers to get it on the shift rod. I also used the advice of tying a long piece of dental floss around the clip incase I dropped it, I would be able to just pull it back up.

4. Reinstalling the new bushing. Just keep turning the bushing COUNTER clockwise until it stops. I thought I turned it enough, but it kept popping off. Just turn it until you can't any more and it should be locked in at that point.

I wouldn't call any of these major hurdles, but something for the people considering doing this to know. It is not a night and day difference, but it does make the shifter feel much better than stock. As noted by others, my shifter feels like the gates moved slightly to the right, but nothing that would stand out as abnormal. The shifter still is in the center when in neutral. Enjoy!
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