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Originally Posted by boostm3
Im sure you guys will come out with an ECU flash for the 335i, just as you have for the Evo and the STI, and when you do, Im sure its going to give you more control over the cars key functions than your Exede implementation. . Dont you find that to be true with your current applications, where you offer both exede and reflash technology?

Back in 2001, we were the biggest Unichip dealer in America. It worked reasonably well for the time (and for the price) but it had its shortcomings (CAS replication, software inflexibility, hardware limitations, etc,.). Since then, the XEDE was designed from the ground-up to provide the unparalled flexibility to adapt to any number of cars. We can and do things with the XEDE that we cannot dream of doing with the factory ECU (or any other stand alone or piggyback system for that matter).

In the case of the EVO, the ultimate engine control package we offer is a reflash/xede combo. The reflash is there only for injector scaling and raised rev limits (MAF based). The XEDE, by virtue of its greater mapping resolution (way better than the stock ECU) and ability to nest maps within other maps as a function of wideband input, knock buffer input, lean run conditions, etc,. functions as the primary tuning device. We see something similar with the 335i. However, being MAP referenced, there is no issue with raising boost limits with the XEDE. And being direct injection and running closed loop all the time, there is no need to upgrade injectors any time in the foreseeable future. So I'm not sure where the flash comes into play. Especially when warranty is a major concern.

It is different with the 335i. That's why we are investing so much time into the platform. As for stand-alones, I started my company in '99 offering and tuning stand alone systems for aftermarket turbocharged cars. They are a thing of the past, IMHO. I don't think I'd ever stick a stand-alone of any time in my road car. Modern fatory ECUs are way more adaptable and smarter than any stand-alone I've come across in recent years.

Correct. Closed loop all the time. Aint that a hoot?

Shiv, thanks alot for that explanation. Im still not sure that I understand why a tuner with a thorough understanding of the stock ecu and how to access its key functionality wouldnt have an advantage over the exede programmer. If, however, the exede developer can access ALL functionality with as much granularity/resolution regarding power production on these engines as with the stock ECU, then its significantly different from Unichip systems, and is a true breakthrough. Its very exciting, and you seem to have an excellent grasp of whats involved, and also a keen ability to share it clearly with the readership... Good job, Shiv!!
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